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800 Palisade Avenue

Fort Lee, NJ 07024



About the Building

The Buckingham Towers Condominium Association I is a luxury white-glove condominium. It overlooks the Hudson River, offering stunning views of Manhattan and the George Washington Bridge. Built in 1987, our building stands 26 stories tall with 193 units ranging from 1-3 bedrooms and with top 4 penthouse floors.


We are proud of the fact that our building is self-managed. It allows us to have better understanding and control over how the building's funds are spent. It also ensures that the partners and contractors that our building employs meet the maximum quality standards that we demand. We have a dedicated team of unit owners that comprises the association's Board of Directors. In addition, we established several committees and encourage all unit owners to participate and contribute as much as they can in different aspects of the building management process. We have an experienced team of on-site managers and staff, and we also conduct an annual external audit. Our goal is to maintain efficient and transparent building operations, maintain high quality of services and build an friendly environment for all tenants and visitors.


Just a short commute from Manhattan

Commuting Options

Manhattan is a short trip away
The 159 NJTransit bus departs from in front of the building and drops commuters off at the George Washington Bridge bus terminal. A bus arrives every half hour from 7am-11:30am.
The 156R Express NJTransit bus departs from in front of the building, passes through the Lincoln Tunnel, and drops commuters off at Port Authority Bus Terminal. A bus arrives every half hour from 7am-11:30am.
Ferries in Weehawken and Edgewater transport commuters accross the Hudson River, dropping them off at 39th Street. Ferries run every 10 minutes.

The Neighborhood

The Buckingham Tower is situated at the crossroads of historical richness and metropolitan life. Residents enjoy a short commute to Manhattan, as well as the ability to indulge in the history of Fort Lee, which was once the center of film-making in the US. The school district is excellent, with Elementary School #4 consistently receiving high rankings.

With its professional staff and excellent services, the Buckingham Tower redefines the notion of affordable luxury.

White-Glove Service

Learn how the Buckingham Tower pampers its residents

Everything at the Buckingham Tower revolves around its residents' comfort. We do all we can to make sure that you don't fret about the little things. Is your car outside when it should be? Do you have any packages waiting for you? Things like these are all taken care of. Have a look at some of the Buckingham's white-glove services.



All visitors and residents enjoy top-class valet service. Cars can be requested with a quick call to the front desk, eliminating the need to wait.

Front Desk & Lobby
Jane Helf

Front Desk & Lobby

Staff at the front desk screen everyone who enters the building, ensuring security and peace of mind. To establish a sense of privacy, the front desk always phones to announce the arrival of visitors.


Concierge Service

Concierge handles all matters of logistics. Send for a bell carter to assist you with luggage, or have your groceries and packages brought right to your door. Whatever you may need, concierge provides quick and hassle-free service.


See what luxuries the Buckingham Tower has to offer

All facilities are cleaned multiple times a day. Impress your guests with a day at our beautiful pool, which offers excellent views of the Manhattan skyline. Or, relax at the sauna after a hard day of work. The Buckingham Tower's world-class amenities will have you never wanting to leave home.

Beautiful Outdoor Rooftop Pool

Hours: 10 AM - 8 PM

Lifeguard on duty at all times

Shaded awning area

5 feet deep

Panorama city views

Fitness Center

Hours: Always open

6 Treadmills & 4 ellipticals

3 Stationary bikes

Weightlifting equipment

4 TVs + MP3 Sound System

Sauna & Steam Room

Hours: Available on demand

1 Stone-heated wooden sauna

1 Steam room

Lockers & shower

Special Event SkyRoom

Hours: Available by booking

Seating area & fireplace


Sound system

Capacity: 80 people


Click on a unit to see its detailed floorplan.

Plan 1
3 Bedrooms | 3.5 Bathrooms | 2716 sq. ft

Plan 2
2 Bedrooms | 2 Bathrooms | 1501 sq. ft

Plan 3
2 Bedrooms | 2.5 Bathrooms | 2064 sq. ft

Plan 4
1 Bedroom | 1.5 Bathrooms | 1509 sq. ft

Plan 5
2 Bedrooms | 2.5 Bathrooms | 1905 sq. ft

Plan 6
2 Bedrooms | 2 Bathrooms | 1425 sq. ft

Plan 7
1 Bedroom | 1.5 Bathrooms | 1080 sq. ft

Plan 8
2 Bedrooms | 2.5 Bathrooms | 1721 sq. ft

Plan 9
2 Bedrooms | 2.5 Bathrooms | 1812 sq. ft

Plan A
3 Bedrooms | 3.5 Bathrooms | 2 Fireplaces | 3236 sq. ft

Plan B
2 Bedrooms | 2.5 Bathrooms | 1 Fireplace | 3091 sq. ft

Plan C
3 Bedrooms | 3.5 Bathrooms | 2 Fireplaces | 3626 sq. ft

Plan D
2 Bedrooms | 2.5 Bathrooms | 1912 sq. ft

Plan E
2 Bedrooms | 2.5 Bathrooms | 1 Fireplace | 2431 sq. ft

Plan F
3 Bedrooms | 3.5 Bathrooms | 1 Fireplace | 3138 sq. ft